To Help You Learn, Grow, and Make a Difference
Spiritual Sustenance and Formation
Global workers are often busy feeding others without someone to feed them. These podcasts can help fill that gap.
Pray As You Go
Based on Ignatian spirituality, this podcast provides a framework for daily prayer. It begins with a calm hymn to help you relax and focus on God's presence, a scripture reading, reflective questions related to the text, and time to pray.
Christian Meditation Podcast
This podcast guides you through the process of lectio divina (spiritual reading) with a new text every week. There's also a second option that is more free form with an extended period of silence after the scripture reading.
The Examen with Fr. James Martin S. J.
This daily podcast begins with a reflection and then guides the listener through the examen, a prayerful examination of your day. It helps realize where God was present, what you have to be thankful for, and what you could have done better.
A great way to go deeper in your study of scripture. Their late-2019 series on 7th Day Rest, focusing on the biblical concept of sabbath rest, is a great way to understand and frame your rhythm of work and rest.
Soul Care
Resources for taking care of yourself and others
Soul Care Conversations
This podcast encourages you to care for yourself in the areas of faith, work, relationships, and health.
Professional Christian Coaching Today
Learn about Christian coaching and how to help others via coaching.
For Global Workers
Podcasts and books related to life on the mission field, fundraising, and personal relationships.
Here the Fraziers offer practical advice for global missions, sharing their own experience and insights as well as interviewing others.
Navigate with Tim Austin
Focusing on managing transitions, this podcast covers various topics common in the lives of global workers.
A member care podcast that helps listeners learn to grow in their "ability to go through difficulties and come out on the other side better and stronger."
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
The life of a global worker can put a strain on families. This practical book helps couples understand, heal, and strengthen their relationship. By Gottman
Fully Funded Podcast
This podcast helps global workers know how to raise funds and stay connected with supporters.
Third Culture Kids and Their Loved Ones
Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds
This book helps TCKs (and especially those who care for them) understand who they are and why. By Pollock, Pollock, and Van Reken
Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For
Ernvik's book offers interactive and reflective activities to help TCKs process their experiences and understand and embrace who they are.
A wonderful illustrated children's book from a Christian perspective depicting the experience of moving to different countries as a child and becoming a swirl of cultures. By Saunders
The Invisible String
This picture book portrays the unbreakable connection between loved ones who live far away from one another. It can be especially meaningful for grandparents and their third culture grandchildren. By Karst
Creating Community
Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom Community
Scandrette's book provides inspiring ways to create intentional communities that practice life together. We have used a number of these ideas in our ministries over the years.
Churches of Christ
These ministries are connected with Churches of Christ, the tradition we're rooted in.
Mission Resource Network
"Mission Resource Network was established in 1998 to help autonomous congregations serve the mission of God more effectively. As we have grown, God has given us the opportunity to partner alongside both churches and missionaries so they can do missions more effectively."
Come before Winter
"Come before Winter exists to renew, equip, honor and unite men and women in ministry around the world." They host regional renewals on a regular basis to help those who "by the nature of their daily service may become susceptible to fatigue, discouragement, even burnout."
"We strive to help [missionaries] have a better spiritual and family life, encourage them on the field, and give them tools for a smooth transition."
Creation Care
Lausanne Movement: Creation Care
This part of their website provides information on creation care — the what, why, and how.
Season of Creation
A yearly focus on prayer, protection, and advocacy for God's creation during the month of September. The website includes various guides that you can download and use as an individual or in your congregation.
World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center
This website focuses not just on climate change but all of the various sustainability goals (poverty, hunger, health, etc.) and how to approach them through faith and action.
Sustaining Creation
Here you can find 48 practical ways to care for creation, resources for small groups, and more.
This is a worldwide network of people of faith who feel compelled to work toward environmental justice and mitigate climate change.
Interfaith Power & Light
This US-based network provides energy efficiency guides for congregations and other resources and programs to help faith communities and their members care for creation.
Climate Justice Ministries
Learn about and join various campaigns to care for the environment.
Česká křesťanská environmentální síť
This Czech non-profit strives to engage churches, organizations, and individuals in care for creation.
Zelená zrnka
This website helps Czech congregations and faith organizations track whether their community is being environmentally responsible.